I love crazy, cool architecture and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image* made the cut for me. It is the center of attention in Melbourne’s Federation Square and a great place to hang out. Although I took these shots last summer (or last winter if you’re Down There), there’s no rule against posting them way … Continue reading

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Fantasyland

Last weekend, on a particularly cold and gray Saturday morning, where October fall rain invited itself without a warning to our city, I put on some dark blue jeans, a striped silk top and my khaki raincoat and headed downtown. Latte in hand, I joined the crowds at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for … Continue reading


The Cathédrale Reine-du-Monde, April 18th, 2011 The Cathédrale Reine-du-Monde, Montreal’s first catholic cathedral, likes Facebook :)  Click on the image to see it big scale! 

Chiara Cola for

You all remember my friend Chiara Cola, the digital artist I met for a WHOLE 3 hours one infamous night in Miami last year? Well recently, her digital printings on silk and other fabrics got recognized by Vogue Italia’s “Talents” section on their online magazine! Chiara, I am so happy and proud of you to have worked … Continue reading

Ceci n’est pas Bruxelles

Sorry for the delay! :-) Mostly shown is the Grand Place in Brussels, one of the most elaborately designed, architecturally speaking, squares I have ever seen. It’s really beautiful. I am in a sober mood these days, so I got my black & white on in post with these photos, but otherwise, these guildhalls are … Continue reading

Parc de Bruxelles, Palais Royal et le Musée d’Art Ancien