Kuwait is the second Arab country I officially visit (and I can’t wait to see more of the Arab & North African worlds…insha Allah). Seems like in the Gulf countries, it’s rare now to get an authentic feel of the traditional culture. Even as the heat was full-on outside while on the inside, the malls were packed with Arabs dressed to the … Continue reading

Rosalie for MRC

Last month I reviewed Rosalie for the MRC *. I think it’s been open for almost 10 years now, so that’s quite impressive! Dana (the writer) and I spent some time chatting with Carl, one of the restaurant’s promoters, on their terrace. Rosalie had its ups and downs and recently this Montreal supperclub just became happening again. The pizza … Continue reading

blueberries & snow

last weekend we enjoyed a beautiful, warm log chalet near Tremblant… It was amazingly equipped, especially the kitchen. The outdoor jacuzzi-spa fit 12 people (oh yes. tried it we did.)


The pakistani wedding I co-shot last weekend (I gave you a small preview of its decor here) was of course shock-full of colors (which I absolutely LOVE), so I would just like to share my pink-inspiration* with you. Hugs! xo, Dina * = unfortunately WordPress commits color crime when after I upload my perfectly illuminated pink-toned photographs. For some … Continue reading

chaise fantaisie

i would love to spend my days in a chair like this, in front of an open bay window with a pillowed ledge to rest my feet on. a great book, a warm breeze and life would be so blissful.  

come fly with me…

It was nothing but a LOVELY affair at the National Business Aviation Association event earlier this month in Las Vegas. Here are some photos of the static display intermixed with the infamous Strip hotels. Never seen such HUGE playgrounds in my life…:) Enjoy! xo, Dina