Weekend (Late) Morning Links

Ah the Internet. It’s completely saturated with visual information and can easily make one, dare I say, addicted (hello Pinterest). But every once in a while there are some links that are simply too cool not to share, like aerial photography. Case in point: 1- Airports from above are beautifully organized. 2 – Relaxing sounds. 3 – … Continue reading

Weekend Morning Links

Since I’m not the most consistent person, Saturday Morning Links just became Weekend Morning Links – it makes things a lot more flexible hihi :p Emphasis this week: photographers who dedicate time setting up elaborate shoots. 1. “The artist builds these highly dramatic, psychedelic and visually intense scenes herself, ensuring that every teeny tiny detail … Continue reading

Saturday Morning Links

Today on Saturday Morning Links, it’s all about food :) yum yum yum! 1. Benoit Levac is my favorite local food photographer (would be a dream to learn from him) and only he can make oysters look THIS good! 2. Last week, I stumbled upon The Foodie Collective (again, local here in Montreal). Love their idea … Continue reading

Saturday Morning Links

Today on Saturday Morning Links: some cheesy snacks, some STUNNING photography, some fashion & beauty, and some philanthropy. 1. How adorable are these mini cheesy mouse traps? I would certainly get my naughty fingers snapped once I reach for the bagel, grilled cheese or onion soup… :) On a more serious note, this must’ve been … Continue reading

Saturday Morning Links…on Sunday.

Been a while since I posted interesting finds on the world wide web…here we go:   1. Have you ever felt an instant connection to a stranger, with or without talking to them? This “strangers touching each other uncomfortably” photo project interested me. I wish the article posted more examples but I guess I’d have … Continue reading

11 Simple Things That Everyone Needs To Be Happy

For this weekend, here is one simple link that I really enjoyed reading. My favorite quotes: “It’s like being hugged by your clothes.” “It feels like your whole life is falling apart, and the second you change them to those fresh, fluffy, cool-and-warm-at-the-same-time new sheets, everything is back where it should be. You sleep like … Continue reading