Le Vieux La Prairie

Two weekends ago I took my bike for a spin around the old part of town, just across the main road from my suburb, which is tucked in behind a vast 18-hole golf course. La Prairie is nothing to write home about – it’s fairly quiet and extremely simple. But when you visit the historic … Continue reading

the sun is on milton

today was a beautiful Saturday in Montreal. I love Milton Street, it has many interesting buildings, cafes and used bookstores! xo, dina

toronto in 24 hours

11:36 am: dark horse espresso bar 1:11 pm: university of toronto 1:50 pm: royal ontario museum 3:12 pm: cartier & holts 8:43 am: st. lawrence market


I love crazy, cool architecture and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image* made the cut for me. It is the center of attention in Melbourne’s Federation Square and a great place to hang out. Although I took these shots last summer (or last winter if you’re Down There), there’s no rule against posting them way … Continue reading

coming back (with a plan)

No matter how many rants I had about Montreal this past year, I have to admit I did miss it * Here’s a couple of photographs I took lately one morning. I hope you like the subtle changes I made on the blog, and want you to send warm thoughts and open apetites my way … Continue reading


Last week I popped over to visit Melbourne’s bigger, attention-grabbing sister, Sydney. The Opera House was actually quite impressive, especially as it appeared out of the blue as I was walking and so pleasantly surprised me!! Sydney vs Melbourne? Two very different cities I think, sort of like Toronto/Montreal. I loved Sydney’s perfect weather and … Continue reading