Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Fantasyland

Last weekend, on a particularly cold and gray Saturday morning, where October fall rain invited itself without a warning to our city, I put on some dark blue jeans, a striped silk top and my khaki raincoat and headed downtown. Latte in hand, I joined the crowds at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for … Continue reading

Chiara Cola for

You all remember my friend Chiara Cola, the digital artist I met for a WHOLE 3 hours one infamous night in Miami last year? Well recently, her digital printings on silk and other fabrics got recognized by Vogue Italia’s “Talents” section on their online magazine! Chiara, I am so happy and proud of you to have worked … Continue reading

Parc de Bruxelles, Palais Royal et le Musée d’Art Ancien

A Strong Identity is Everything

*excuse the featured image, I did it in like 5 seconds! cringe* If you are branding yourself, it’s very important to keep a consistent look. That way you create your own trademark. Lately, I finally settled on a type logo that I love. It’s simple and personal. Sarah Petty always emphasized the importance of creating a … Continue reading

The Spoken Word

This past week has been a lyrical one for me…hip hop, spiritual poetry and deep house music filled my ears all week and shook me, made me want to close my eyes, listen and dance or groove to the sounds, to the words. I’ve always been attracted to words, and to the people who know … Continue reading

Some Like it Art

I’ve just saved a whole wad of money. In just a few days, I visited 250+ art galleries representing over 2000 artists spanning 30 countries from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. And I did this by joining some 400, 000 visitors at the Miami Beach 2010 Art Basel show. This was the place to … Continue reading