say hello to my little friend!

Yep, the G-Man himself! So crunchy delicious with a latte. As I’m trying to practice my food photography whenever I can (it’s a snail-like slow progress…), I would like to show you my simple set-up for taking these photos. It doesn’t get any simpler than this: natural light coming from a side window, and a … Continue reading

l’heure du thé

Yummy eateries and beautiful decor at Le Maître Chocolatier, in Montréal.

Macaron aux Framboises*

*Raspberry Macaron There I was, innocently waiting to buy a salad at Premier Moisson after my Pilates class, when I saw THIS. The nerve of some people! I looked around, willing a person behind the counter to prompt me for my salad order before it was too late and I set my mind to get … Continue reading

20, 792*

CUPCAKES. Who said they weren’t cool? I claim they made quite the cool comeback!!! Cupcake Camp in Montreal last weekend proved it. Here are some photos taken at the insanely crowded event, and some photos of the ones I took home (i.e. the ones I didn’t hungrily wolf down at the event :) Now it’s … Continue reading

Ten Sweet Moments

  Sometimes it’s good to remember the small things in life that make you intoxicated with joie de vivre. Here are my top ten: 1. The smell of candles on a cake after they’ve been blown out* 2. A cashmere wrap 3. Warm cotton smells, whether in clothes, candles or perfume 4. Staying on the beach … Continue reading