the evening we cooked with aran goyaoga

Finally found the time to post the photos of an intimate and delicious evening cooking side-by-side with Aran Goyaoga. Growing up in a world of flour, butter and sugar, in a family of bakers from the Basque Country, she is now a freelance food writer, photographer and stylist living in Florida. Aran was extremely sweet … Continue reading

Small Plates and Sweet Treats FoodLab on Sunday

I personally feel like 2013 will be about learning, trying new things and getting out of our comfort zone. Having said that short, simple statement (no need to blab on right :), I want to share an amazing food event I’m going to this Sunday, January 20th. It’s a lovely afternoon of cooking, eating and … Continue reading

Ten Sweet Moments

  Sometimes it’s good to remember the small things in life that make you intoxicated with joie de vivre. Here are my top ten: 1. The smell of candles on a cake after they’ve been blown out* 2. A cashmere wrap 3. Warm cotton smells, whether in clothes, candles or perfume 4. Staying on the beach … Continue reading