مصر { egypt }

I realize it’s fall outside, but who cares! We love you but we just can’t seem to let go of endless, warm summer days, and the deep blue and clear turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and Red Seas. I’ve been to Egypt many times, and after vacationing there, was always compliant to go back to cleaner, more organized and … Continue reading

a few hours in casablanca

I spent the rest of my summer in Egypt (where my family is from) and I transited in Casablanca, Morocco for a full day. While it was difficult to do specific sightseeing because it was still Ramadan, we got to enjoy most importantly the Hassan II Mosque, primarily built on sea water (read why on … Continue reading

The Revolution Will be Publicized

For nearly two weeks now, the world has been watching and supporting the Egyptians fight for their human rights. Together, with them, we can make that change. My beloved Egypt, family and friends who live there, I support you. Tonight, I would simply like to post a few photographs of the signs of the protest. … Continue reading