family portrait

Amelia, Sean & Felix, last weekend.

the sun is on milton

today was a beautiful Saturday in Montreal. I love Milton Street, it has many interesting buildings, cafes and used bookstores! xo, dina

The Rules of Fall

There is no denying it now…fall is at our footsteps. Last weekend I packed away my summer clothes, stored my barely there flat sandals, took out my woolies…i even bought a pumpkin pie smelling candle (which actually does scent up the room!). Just tryin’ you know…to get into the mood of things. I admire people … Continue reading

three things i’m loving

three things i’m currently enjoying… {natural hand-milled soap from turkey, gift from my little sister :)} {super chic fall nail polish colors…these were 3 for 10$, couldn’t resist.} {my new rounded business cards in “The Showcase” by} have a great Thanksgiving/Columbus Day weekend everyone! xo, dina

Pumpkins at the Market (Part Two)

  More photos of pumpkins, squashes and funny gourds at the Atwater Market, in Montreal :) See Part One.

Pumpkins at the Market

I took these photographs of pumpkins at the Atwater Market, in Montreal last weekend. It’s officially Fall!