I love crazy, cool architecture and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image* made the cut for me. It is the center of attention in Melbourne’s Federation Square and a great place to hang out. Although I took these shots last summer (or last winter if you’re Down There), there’s no rule against posting them way … Continue reading

Cafe When It Sizzles

One day my sister surprised me and took me to Image Superstore Cafe on Elizabeth Street in Melbourne. It was absolutely charming, I have never seen anything quite like it. A photography studio-cum-cafe that’s been open for only two months (and yet customers kept pouring in during lunch time), the space also appeals to classical … Continue reading

The Ballerina Effect

Repettos, Brussels, February 12th, 2011.   Natalie Portman, you put a spell on us. I was quite happy that she won last week. The Oscars are worth watching for possibly, barely 10 minutes (excluding the red carpet madness) and that was one of those moments that made it worth the watch. Her performance of a … Continue reading