Morning Babycakes!

brekkie: Australian slang for breakfast. Styled & Shot by Dina El-Hakim for The Music Issue #82 * * that’s right, the issue where Jim Jefferies and MY photo sit side by side, sitting in a tree…k-i-s-s-i-n-…erm, oops! tee-hee :) Advertisements

Saturday Morning Links

Today on Saturday Morning Links: some cheesy snacks, some STUNNING photography, some fashion & beauty, and some philanthropy. 1. How adorable are these mini cheesy mouse traps? I would certainly get my naughty fingers snapped once I reach for the bagel, grilled cheese or onion soup… :) On a more serious note, this must’ve been … Continue reading

raw meat shoot 1

A little over a month ago I was contacted to style & shoot raw meat of all sorts for a delicatessen in Montreal looking to revamp its image. That’s all I can say about the project for now, but after some back and forth with the woman who is basically artistically directing (her family owns … Continue reading