slightly miaw

I can’t wait to wear these babies that I bought in New York* last weekend! I’ve been wanting new eyewear to frame my face better – I usually tend to go for rectangular-shaped specs, thinking that it complemented my round face (thanks baby cheeks!), which is true to a certain extent but lately…catching myself in … Continue reading

worn shoes

Here’s a photo i took recently…and below is the inspiration, shot by one of my favorite photographers, Garance Doré.  So much to learn. xo, Dina

five things i’m coveting

Here are five things I’m coveting lately…some will be easier to get than others :) {vintage straws for eventual food and drink photography. anyone know where i can get some?} {contemporary toothpaste from Marvis, various flavours. i’m really into teeth grooming these days} {a newspaper clutch as seen here. which I knew who made this!} … Continue reading

The Life of a Novice Non-Nine-to-Fiver

Phew! That was a long post title :) I have two weeks left of working in the evenings and here’s what I learned during this new, strange system to me: 1- Waking up peacefully and without rushing to beat morning traffic is the loveliest thing in the world. 2- However there is traffic starting from 3 … Continue reading


The Young Artist. Helloooooo!!! Life has been crazy busy lately, I had a tough two weeks of decision making, and yet nothing is resolved. Yet. Excuses, excuses…believe me, I couldn’t WAIT for the moment where I can start yapping away again and displaying some of my latest photos! I promise myself to write more, and … Continue reading

Welcome – and CU L8R Tumblr

Hi there! I’m Dina El-Hakim and I just moved this blog from Tumblr to WordPress. My friends and blog followers must think I have Blog Attention Deficit Disorder or something because even if I had my Tumblr blog since November 2009 (hey come on, that’s almost a year), just last month, I opened up a … Continue reading