Ok, too good not to share: I was on the Stairmaster at the gym, working those glutes hihi, and I was switching channels on the TV and caught the end of a Weight Watchers ad with Jennifer Hudson singing Nina Simone’s “Feelin’ Good”…I only needed to hear the end of “new day” to recognize the … Continue reading

The Spoken Word

This past week has been a lyrical one for me…hip hop, spiritual poetry and deep house music filled my ears all week and shook me, made me want to close my eyes, listen and dance or groove to the sounds, to the words. I’ve always been attracted to words, and to the people who know … Continue reading

Le Marquis

Robert Marquis, Montreal, November 2010 I hope you all remember Jean-Bruno, aka Bluenose, your friendly local musician shot by yours truly?  Come on, my photographs of him should be embedded in your brain by now!! And every morning you think, “Oh Dina, you’re Numero 1!”, no? Ok okay…I’ll stop fantasizing. Well J-B’s friend, Monsieur Robert … Continue reading


The Young Artist. Helloooooo!!! Life has been crazy busy lately, I had a tough two weeks of decision making, and yet nothing is resolved. Yet. Excuses, excuses…believe me, I couldn’t WAIT for the moment where I can start yapping away again and displaying some of my latest photos! I promise myself to write more, and … Continue reading