Fashion Still No. 1

Presenting the first of three fashion stills I created last week at the Studio*. Teaming up the Schutz platforms** with the JPG Maille breezy top gave it a slightly edgy Burtonesque look. The graphic fedora is from Seed Australia. I thought it would be fun to show the before & after, so ogle away…and do tell if you see something off! It … Continue reading

worn shoes

Here’s a photo i took recently…and below is the inspiration, shot by one of my favorite photographers, Garance Doré.  So much to learn. xo, Dina

So Many Shoes, Only Two Feet…

Good morning! Today I was updating my portfolio , just doing a little spring cleaning you know, its not just your CLOSET or second closet (read: CAR) that need it (oh boy, I desperately need to start on those). In conjunction with that, and last weekend’s visit to the Browns flagship store on Sainte-Catherine Str. … Continue reading

The Ballerina Effect

Repettos, Brussels, February 12th, 2011.   Natalie Portman, you put a spell on us. I was quite happy that she won last week. The Oscars are worth watching for possibly, barely 10 minutes (excluding the red carpet madness) and that was one of those moments that made it worth the watch. Her performance of a … Continue reading