weekend in miami

Taking a break from Montreal’s cacophony and construction traffic, I flew down to Miami last weekend…it was nice to feel the heat. I didn’t take that many photos – guess that means I really needed the mini-vacay! xo, Dina   {Miami Beach} {Venetian Causeway} {The Loews, backside} {The Loews, massage tents} {Ola at Sanctuary Hotel} {Nikki Beach} … Continue reading

Miami Beach

I promise to soon stop talking about Miami. Promise promise promise! At least until the end of the year :) I just want to share the beautiful beach with you. Yes I know, it’s not cool to talk about the beach while you’re camouflaged in your cashmere blankets, long johns, wool socks and tuques, watching … Continue reading

Let The Good Times Roll…

…and the art class begin! There is nothing more exciting and relieving to leave the winter that’s been slowly creeping up in Montreal lately, than to go down to the land of perpetual sunshine, to the city who, if it were a color, would be a refreshing, modern mix of blue and turquoise, to the … Continue reading