As announced on my instafeed all of last week, I went to a handful of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) events and finally narrowed down the photos I took to 4 posts. The city was buzzing and I loved the 2-3 days I spent shooting for my ‘self-imposed’ assignments. This is the first of the four, a … Continue reading

The Budding Tulips in Ottawa

Last weekend, we went to the Canadian Tulip Festival, a yearly tradition whose reason I just learned about (hey Canadian History class in high school was designed to be ultra boring, but I love history, I do!) “It preserves the local heritage of Canada’s role in freeing the Dutch during World War II, and the … Continue reading

The Promise of Spring

After the first amazingly sunny weekend in Montreal, full of promise of a warm, lively spring, April sent us a rainy check on Monday. We all heard: April showers brings May flowers. I don’t mind rain so much as 20 cm of snow…I find it refreshing and cleansing. But I am looking forward to spring … Continue reading