Throwback Thursday

{ Wishing my mom a smooth and quick recovery after her surgery today…}

Throwback Thursday

A photo of a ship I took while vacationing in Santorini, Greece. 2008.

13.12.12 throwback thursday

wow, hello. been a while! i’m looking forward for the upcoming holiday break to take the time to dive back into photographic inspiration…it has been way too long and i miss it so much. here’s my throwback thursday (of the month it seems!) this is Prague, circa 2005. children’s play :)

01.11.12 – Throwback Thursday

The Throwback Thursday event on Instagram has been going pretty strong and I love the idea of bringing back photographs of the good ol’ days. There’s something therapeutic about looking at them, remembering and thinking. I searched all week for a New York skyline photograph my dad took in the eighties (he was a great … Continue reading