Letttttts Go!! Happy Friday!

My ideas usually come not at my desk writing, but in the midst of living. – Anais Nin Advertisements

the bicycle

a wider perspective of this photo & now an entry to a one-shot cityscape photo contest. xo, dina

On That Note

Just wanted to say have an awesome, cracker* weekend everyone! Cook something you’ve never touched before (or are scared to cook); run outside, sweat a little; tuck into a good book; order a dessert and eat it all… XO, Dina *= pronounced “CRACKA”. yeah so I learned a bit of Aussie slang! Ha!

One Crazy Weekend.

Oh Thank God it’s Sunday night… …so I can finally RELAX! What a busy, fun filled weekend that left me exhausted (who needs the gym??)…A photoshoot friday evening that turned out to be not very productive so we rescheduled, followed by a house party, traffic, waking up early the next morning for the hairdresser, another … Continue reading