Yasmine at Première Moisson

My longtime friend, and writer, Yasmine Hassan, last week at Première Moisson…

life’s been busy…

…i keep it simple with Keel’s Simple Diary. It’s Volume Two for me and still a fun way to end and reflect on my day. And of course, I love the hours of pleasure reading them years later! After all, as Oscar Wilde said: “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational … Continue reading

Key West, FL

I checked out Flavorpill’s Famous Authors and their Typewriters last week and loved many of the photographs they shared with us. The ones of Agatha Christine and Françoise Sagan were particularly charming. I also loved the one of Ernest Hemingway (featured image above) because it’s exactly how I imagined him to write: by the sea, … Continue reading


The Young Artist. Helloooooo!!! Life has been crazy busy lately, I had a tough two weeks of decision making, and yet nothing is resolved. Yet. Excuses, excuses…believe me, I couldn’t WAIT for the moment where I can start yapping away again and displaying some of my latest photos! I promise myself to write more, and … Continue reading