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Le Millefeuille et Ses Amis

They are from Maison Christian Faure, located in Old Montreal.

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Les Olympiades Macarons

Had some macaroons on hand at the studio so before eating them… They are from Maison Christian Faure, located in Old Montreal.

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Fashion Still No. 2

All things French. It’s all bon. Click on the image to see it more closely! Clockwise from the bottom: Baguette: Première Moisson‘s business card! Stationery from Longchamp, Dior and Hermès Cellphone Cover: Kate Spade New York (the sister of Paris :P) Pens and crayons: Conté à Paris Carré Crayons and Reynolds Super Magic+ Pens Sunnies: Fossil Purse: Rudsak Lipgloss: … Continue reading

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Fashion Still No. 1

Presenting the first of three fashion stills I created last week at the Studio*. Teaming up the Schutz platforms** with the JPG Maille breezy top gave it a slightly edgy Burtonesque look. The graphic fedora is from Seed Australia. I thought it would be fun to show the before & after, so ogle away…and do tell if you see something off! It … Continue reading

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August News

What a year it’s been so far! Here’s wassup… In January, I got published in Melbourne as a freelance food photographer for the Music (here was the first). I realized I liked the process of styling almost as much as capturing it on camera. Hmmm…now thinking of being a one-stop-shop (styling + shooting + retouching = … Continue reading

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Morning Babycakes!

brekkie: Australian slang for breakfast. Styled & Shot by Dina El-Hakim for The Music Issue #82 * * that’s right, the issue where Jim Jefferies and MY photo sit side by side, sitting in a tree…k-i-s-s-i-n-…erm, oops! tee-hee :)